Fractal analogies in nature

For 4D please turn on: Sunrise Mass Ola Gjeilo

What do you think this portrays?
The tomographic scan of a human brain right?
Well, you might be disappointed.
This is the infrared scan of the deep sky and our nearest galaxies.

Tree canopy

A multicellular organism lives in the deep sky?
Are we and our neighbouring galaxies all part of some gigantic type of entity?

How can the infinitely big appear so similar to the super small?
Maybe nature enjoys some type of fractal simmetry?

Newton perfectly predictable gravitation system

The one above is not the only instance where we observe resemblance at very different scales.

Think Newton’s planets vs quantum-mechanical distribution of atomic particles and subparticles inside an atom.

Atomic Orbitals solutions to Shroedinger’s equation

What does this tell us about the profound mistery of life?
What is the deepest meaning of nature?

Well me, I dunno.
My guess being lazy myself is that it might probably be just nature acting lazy and using the same blueprint over and over to avoid having to come out with a new one every time.

Where has life actually come from?

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